How does it work?

Consultation – We conduct a complimentary no-obligation consultation with you to discuss your taste preferences, food aversions, dietary needs, and allergies. We'll also talk about your current eating habits and any dietary goals that you may want to set for the future. A cook day is scheduled and menu planning begins.

Menu Planning – About a week prior to the selected cook day, a diverse customized menu is created and sent to you via email for your approval. 

Cook Day – On the selected cook day, we personally shop for the freshest and best ingredients, come to your home and spend the day cooking. Before leaving, your kitchen is rendered sparkling clean and your refrigerator/freezer are stocked with freshly made delicious food. 

Our main goal is to make you happy with what you eat and give you back more time in life. You know the hours that you spend every week planning dinner, cooking, and/or eating out? Let us give that time back to you by handling all of the work!

Contact us today for more information or to schedule your consultation!


Service fees start at $300 + the cost of groceries

Example Service -  5×4 (5 entrees with two appropriate side dishes, 4 portions of each = 20 individual portions)

Serves a family of four for approximately 1 week
Serves two people for approximately 2 weeks
Serves one person for approximately 1 month

Other meal services with three, four, six, or seven entrees are available. Please contact us for a customized price quote.
*Service fees include custom menu planning and development, grocery shopping, meal preparation, cooling/storing/labeling of all meals, clean-up, and proper heating instructions. Container fees (if needed), additional side dishes, and desserts are available for an extra charge.