What is a personal chef? 

A personal chef is a trained individual with multiple clients who comes to your home and prepares multiple custom-made meals that are designed with only you in mind. The chef handles all of the menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, labeling, and storing of every meal along with easy heating instructions.

A personal chef also provides in-home catering for dinner parties, luncheons, and other private home affairs by cooking everything in your kitchen and providing service to you which allows you to be a guest at your own party.

The difference between a personal chef and a private chef – a private chef is usually a ‘live-in’ chef, has only one client, and provides almost all meals.

Why can’t you prepare the meals and deliver them to me?

Current health regulations strictly prohibit it. All personal chefs are required to prepare the food directly in the client’s home or use a commercial kitchen. Cooking everything in your home instead of off-site assures that your food is of the freshest and safest quality possible.

Do I have to provide containers?

Not unless you want to. We are happy to provide reusable or disposable containers for an additional cost or recommend containers for you to purchase.

How long will you be in my home? Do I have to provide a key?

All of your meals are skillfully prepared from scratch. Depending on the number of entrees, Chef Chassis will be working in your kitchen anywhere between four to eight hours. Giving a key is solely your decision to make. If you decide not to, we will do our best to accommodate your daytime schedule.

Do I need to do anything extra in my kitchen to prepare for your cook day?

Not at all! Simply leave the kitchen counters cleared off and the sink empty.

Will all of the meals be frozen?

No, but majority of the meals can be frozen to preserve the quality and freshness at your request. All meals are prepared with the capability of being frozen, thawed, and heated for your convenience and will taste as great as they did the first day that they were made.

Is this service affordable?

You’ll find that Foodtellect Personal Chef Service is definitely reasonably priced. Having a personal chef means that you can enjoy restaurant-quality meals that are carefully prepared based on your personal specifications in the comfort of your own home. In addition, using this service may even help control your food costs at home, as you’ll be less likely to impulse-buy or choose low-quality fast food at the grocery store. No more buying produce with the intention of making a home-cooked meal and having to throw it away when it goes bad!

How and when do I pay for this service?

For the first service, both the grocery deposit and full payment of the Chef’s service fee are required when the service agreement is signed. For all following services, grocery deposits are due 1 day prior to service via PayPal. Any remaining grocery charges along with full payment of the Chef’s service fee are billed and due on the day of service via PayPal. 

Service agreement?? Is there a contract involved??

Nope! No contract is involved. The service agreement simply outlines in detail the type and quality of service that you, as the client, can expect from your personal chef, and what your personal chef needs from you (containers if necessary, clean kitchen, working stove, kitchen quirks/info). We do have a cancellation policy in place, however, our clients are able to pause, resume, and/or cancel service based on their current needs.