To Cook or Not To Cook: The Mom's Dilemma

Most, if not all, of my posts are food and service related but I think it’s time for a moment of transparency and rambling. Before I’m a personal chef for various clients who live all over the DC area, I’m a personal chef to an exuberant 3 year old boy, an amazing 1 year old baby girl who just started walking a little over a month ago, and one awesome husband. While I do generally take requests, most of what we eat is simply thrown together by me based on simplicity, likes, and dislikes. Some nights it’s roasted chicken or salmon, some sort of vegetable, and possibly a starch. Other nights it’s some sort of leftovers for the grownups and chicken nuggets, quesadillas, or pb&js for the littles with some sort of roasted vegetable thrown on the side for color, tater tots, and some fruit. Who am I kidding, every once in a blue moon it’s UberEats or DoorDash. Shoot, sometimes it’s a ‘breakfast for dinner’ night.

Some days I feel like cooking. Other days I honestly wish I had meals in my freezer that I could just thaw out and warm up but then it hits me: “hey YOU are that person! Get going!” Cooking for my family is a joy and yet sometimes cooking at home is a dilemma for me. It’s more of the act of doing it, and less of the art of doing it. I’m so quick to plan out menus for others and can think up at least 1 or 2 options for the littles and hubs to eat but when it comes to ME eating dinner after a day of work and coming home to be mom, I’m content with a couple hunks of buttered french bread and a bunch of grapes. The questions are always there: “am I cooking tonight?”, “what exactly am I making tonight?”, more importantly “DO I have to cook tonight??”. If I don’t cook what are they eating, and if I do cook what in the world am I eating? Am I going to want to eat it when I’m done or do I just want to go somewhere with a glass of wine, Netflix an episode or two of Arrested Development, and fall asleep?

Here’s an example: earlier this week I roasted some chicken legs, made garlic parmesan chicken meatballs with marinara, steamed green beans, roasted broccoli, and jasmine rice. There was enough food there to last all week (which it has, thank God! Hellooo, leftovers!). The crazy thing is aside from the vegetables I don’t want to eat any of it. I look at it and go “ahhh. Ok, dinner time!”, then I grab a bottle of water and go sit somewhere happily just because I’m sitting. My family is by far my biggest achievement but being a mom is rough on the brain sometimes. Sometimes, as much as I love it, I (pause for dramatic effect) don’t want to cook at home. There I said it. Sometimes I too want a personal chef. Go figure!

Can any moms out there relate? Send me your rants of not wanting to cook or the epic achievements of you cooking for your family (every day that we as moms get it right either just a bit or a whole lot is an epic achievement in my book) - I’d love to hear both!