Bittersweet Break Time!

So I get 2.5 months away from my 2 year business anniversary and my body goes "Hey, it's time for a break. Stop working. Chill out and keep incubating." That's right! My family is expanding this summer by way of a beautiful little girl who is due to be born in early July. I'll be 7 1/2 months this Saturday! Time has flown and I don't think I was ready. My hiatus was originally supposed to start yesterday on April 26th but it won't be starting until May 7th due to my love for my long-time clients and my inability to stay away and pause the passion of cooking for other people so quickly. 

I'll be on break from May 7th to early/mid-October (a date hasn't been set yet as it's so far away) but will still be answering inquiries for meal service, catering, and everything else. I have a few great personal chef colleagues that I've been passing business on to in my absence so if you need a recommendation, just say the word. Also, if you have a need for anything in October or afterward, give a shout! I'll be itching to create and get back to work for new and current clients :), especially since I'll have thought of some special holiday party catering ideas.

Although I won't be working, I'll be still be cooking at home and attempting to put some post-birth meals in the freezer for me, the hubs, and our son who's 2 going on 25. More blog posts to come! I'll also still be active on my Instagram and Facebook if anyone out there is interested in my food and family shenanigans.