Starting Anew with Your Health (for good!)

It's happening. December is here, which means that 2017 is winding down to a close and 2018 is patiently (or impatiently, it depends on how fast the days and weeks go by over the next few weeks) waiting to bust through the door. With every new year comes resolutions of quitting this and starting that but unfortunately those goals don't always pan out. Life happens and sometimes what we start fades out.

My family and I are making promises to each other to eat a bit healthier and work harder to stay on track now before the new year comes. I'm a firm believer of everything in moderation but we'd all stand to benefit from less sweets/salt and more whole foods, fruits, lean protein, and vegetables am I right? 

There are so many ways to diet but I like to think that if you eat healthier on purpose, it eventually becomes a part of your lifestyle and it's not really a diet. It's just what you do and your body and your life are both the better for it. Let's all start anew together and keep it going!

Do you know where to start with this goal? Do you need someone to help get you on the right track towards better health? I can provide menu planning and recipes solely if you'd rather shop and cook for yourself, or I can handle it all from soup to nuts from menu planning to cooking. Feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email to schedule a consultation and let's chat about getting healthier!